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Welcome to BB Welding Services


At BB Welding Services our main goal is to supply and deliver high quality welding and engineering services to industry and the individual.


Our scope of work is small scale pre- fabrication to x-ray tested pipe work and with our fully mobile service can be both on and off site. Our welders are fully coded and qualified to EN287, ASME IX and CAA welding standards. This includes materials aluminum, steel and stainless steels and with most processes, MMA, TIG, FCAW and MIG.


Our main services include:

Contract Welding

24Hr Mobile Service

On-site Installation


Structural Steel

Cutting Services

Pre- Fabrication

Ship, Boat & Plant Repair

Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Stainless Steels, Titanium, Copper and its Alloys

EN287, ASME IX and CAA codes


Please click on the 'our services' tab above for more detail. If your looking for a quote or to just enquire then please contact us. We strive to cater for all needs.