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Welding Services | Cambridge

Brian Bartlett Welding Services offer welding and cutting for general fabrication and repairs based on 36 years experience at companies such as TWI and Neptune Marine.


We also undertake specialised welding of high quality components which require approved welding procedures and coded welders.


We offer consultancy to solve your welding problems and can train your welders to meet the main BS, EN, ASME and CAA qualification codes.



Specialised welding of high quality components

Consultancy to solve welding and fabrication problems

On-site welder training

Repair and maintenance (on and off site)

PIPE fittings and mechanical repairs and maintenance on site

One-off jobs and small batch welding

General welding, cutting and fabrication

CSWIP welding inspection

Inspection tech colour contract MPI UT vessel inspection

Security clearance

Full machining capability

Welding Processes/Equipment

Welding Processes/Equipment



Manual and mechanised equipment








Welding procedure testing – BS EN 15614, ASME IX

Welder qualification training – BS 4872, BS EN 287, ASME IX


Previous Work







Stainless steel

Nickel alloys

Cast iron








Copper alloys


MMA welding of 50D pipe for the offshore industry sector using welding procedures qualified to BS EN 15614

TIG welding of stainless steel and copper pipe and pipework for the petro-chemical, nuclear, food industry sectors

- pipework for boilers

- containers

Weld repair of a steel, aluminium and magnesium cast components

- cast iron exhaust manifold

- steel, aluminium and magnesium engine blocks

General fabrication of steel and aluminium components using the MIG process One-off and small batch production

- gates, hand rails

- frames

Repair of Deltic aluminium engine block which had erosion / corrosion damage in the cylinder bores. Repair carried out using the MIG welding process and with an aluminium - 5% silicon wire.